Sick of taping PDF's together?

Readily printed sewing patterns now available!

You can now buy a copy of the sewing pattern for jacket Tang, blouse-åkande as well as trousers Pil as readily printed sewing patterns in A0. The pattern is printed on high quality paper that is delivered in a handy folder which makes it easy to store all the pattern pieces at the same place so you can use the pattern over and over again!

Would you like to sell Beklaedt's sewing patterns in your local store? Send an email to for more information!

The mission

Sewing is more than just making clothes. In a world, where garment manufacturing is continuously taking advantage of people and planet, sewing your own clothes becomes a way of saying no to exploitation - while caring for your unique body and taste.

Did you ever wonder why the clothes you buy in the shop doesn't fit you? It's because it wasn't made for you but rather an idealized woman. But when you make your own clothes, it doesn't have to be this way!

Take back control and unleash your creativity, one style at a time! Shop all the PDF sewing patterns by Beklaedt here

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