T-shirt, Nælde

50,00 kr

Nælde - Nettle



This rib knitted t-shirt comes with the choice of either short or long sleeves and two necklines: crew neck or square neck. The fit is tight since the t-shirt is made in a rib knitted material with good elasticity. 

Recommended fabric:

Rib knit in medium weight with a good amount of elasticity. Regular jersey can also be used if it has a lot of elasticity and good recovery. 


Unsuitable fabric types:

All woven materials. 

Degree of difficulty:

1-2 / 5

Estimated time required: 

2 – 3 hours

Classification of degrees of difficulty:

  1. Beginner friendly: No zips, buttons, fusible materials or difficult techniques 
  2. Manageable: Introduction to new techniques everybody can learn 
  3. Moderate: pre-existing knowledge of sewing is recommended. Focus on finishes
  4. Difficult: Confidence with sewing is essential 
  5. Advanced: Focus on techniques, precision work and details


Video tutorial (crew neck):



Video tutorial (square neck):


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