How do I assemble the printed pattern?

Watch the video tutorial on how to assemble a PDF sewing pattern here:


Once you have purchased a pattern by Beklaedt you will get an email with the pattern as a PDF file which you can print on standard A4 paper at home. 

NEW! Some patterns now contain US letter layout as well as A4. It will say so in the description.

The printed papers should be attached to each other - to get the pattern pieces in 1:1 size - which is done by laying out the papers as a grid as shown here:

The numbers run horizontally while the lettering runs vertically. 

At the top left corner on the first piece of paper (titled A1) you will see two squares, referred to as test squares. The outer square is exactly 10 by 10 centimeter, while the inner square in exactly 3 times 3 inches. Make sure to measure this test square on your printout to ensure you have printed the file in actual sizing (otherwise the pattern pieces will not correspond to the final measurements of the garment).

Each piece of paper is surrounded by a grey frame which lays with a distance of 5 mm to the edge of the paper all the way around the paper. Everything inside the grey square is a part of the final pattern, while the outer edge can be trimmed away.

The diamond shaped cubes along each edge is exactly 1 times 1 centimeter big. These indicators are used as extra guides to make the assembling process easier.  


Where do you ship to?

Beklaedt ships physical products to Denmark, the European Union as well as United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Hong Kong SAR, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore and United States.

Shipping in Denmark: 49 DKK for orders less than 500 DKK. FREE SHIPPING for orders over 500 DKK (combination of both physical and digital products is accepted)

Shipping to European countries: 179 DKK for orders less than 1000 DKK. FREE SHIPPING for orders over 1000 DKK (combination of both physical and digital products is accepted)

Shipping to World: 299 DKK

Which sizes do you make clothes for?

Beklaedt is offering designs in 6 sizes for all designs: European sizes 36 - 46 (UK 8 - 18, US 4 - 14)

We are working towards extending the size range to EU 56 for all designs.


How do I choose the right size?

Please visit the size chart here.

If you are making a blouse, dress, jacket or top you should choose your size based on the bust measurement.

If you are making a skirt, trousers or shorts, you should choose your size based on the hip measurement.

If you are in between sizes it is recommended to pick the bigger size and adjusting that. You can also choose to buy all sizes at once as a layered file. Then you are able to draw your own connecting lines between two sizes if you want to make alterations.


I bought all the sizes at once but now I am confused by all the pattern lines?

Yes it can be confusing to look at all the sizes layered on top of each other. If you open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader, you'll be able to filter which layers you want visible at the same time by pressing the layers icon. By viewing only the size (or sizes) you are interested in it becomes a lot less confusing. By doing so you will also be able to make a print for each size (or combination of sizes).


What kind of sewing pattern do you sell?

Beklaedt is mainly selling PDF sewing patterns. However, selected patterns can also be purchased as a physical printed copy. If you are asked to select a "format" when buying a sewing pattern this means you can buy the pattern as either digital or physical.

A PDF pattern is different from a traditionel physical paper pattern in the way that it is sold as a digital file that has to be printed at home on standard A4 paper. The full scale pattern is laid out across a tile of A4 papers. When you have printed all the tiles in a given pattern you need to assemble the full scale pattern by joining the papers with tape while matching up the indicators.

The good thing about digital sewing patterns is that you can save the file on your computer and print out new versions of the pattern if you loose some pattern pieces along the way.


Are the patterns with our without seam allowance?

All patterns sold by Beklaedt are including seam allowances. The inner line reflects the finished pattern piece (once it has been assembled) while the outer line is the recommended seam allowance for that specific pattern piece. If you prefer to work with the pattern without seam allowance, you can simply trim away the seam allowance once printed and add your own custom seam allowance instead.


I have made a print of my pattern, but some of the markings are now missing?

At the moment, Beklaedt's patterns are laid out on a tile of A4 papers that needs to be joined by you at home. On each printed A4 paper you should be able to see a thin grey border line which lies with a margin of 5 mm to the edges all around the paper. Everything within the grey border is part of the pattern while the 5 mm margin can be trimmed away when you assemble the pattern.

In order to print the pattern correctly your printer needs to be able to print 5 mm from the edge of the paper. You can check with your printer manufacturer if your printer meets this requirement.