Before choosing your right size I want you to look at your body and assess what kind of body type you have. There is a big difference between size and shape!

All my designs are made for a women of average height of 172 cm (+/- 4 cm) but are shaped for different body types. This simply means that I have alterated my designs to fit different, but yet common, body types such that you don't have to!

Across the fashion industry it is common practice to use the horizontale measurements to determine size. However, the size doesn't say anything about the wearer's true shape. You get a better idea of your shape if you look at the horizontale and verticale measurements together.

Therefore, to get the right fit you need to measure BOTH your horizontale measurements AND verticale measurements.

For the time being I work with 3 different body types: standard, bigger bust and wider hips/narrower waist.

  • Standard (STD): this body type is the most common and the one that almost all clothing brands design clothes for. The measurements are based on how the 'average' woman looks like
  • Bigger bust (BB): this body type has a bust that is larger than the corresponding waist and hip measurement. To get a good fit for a bigger bust it is necessary to increase the vertical distance between the shoulder and waist on the front side of the body (measurement nr. 4).
  • Wider hips/narrower waist (WH): This body type has relatively larger hips or a narrower waist than the standard model. To get a good fit for wider hips it is necessary to increase the vertical distance between the waist and crotch on the back side of the body (measurement nr. 7)

Consult the size chart for the standard model first. Look at the measurements and determine which size fits you the best. Confirm that the chosen size fits for the horizontale as well as the verticale measurements. If there is a difference, look at the size chart for the bigger bust or wider hips/narrower waist to see if this resolves your issue.

To get the best fit your measurements shouldn't diverge from the size chart by much more than +/- 1 cm. If the difference is bigger you might need to make individual adjustments. If your measurements are between sizes I recommend picking the larger size and adjusting that.