Jacket, Tang - lined version

75,00 kr


This jacket follows the same overall fit and design as the quilted Tang jacket. The main difference is that the jacket has been fully lined which makes it suitable for thicker fabrics like a coat wool or boucle. The pockets have been made square and a pocket flap has been added while the top part of the button-down closure has been pressed open. 

If you want to make a "French" style jacket it is recommended to size down for a tighter fit. 

Recommended fabric:

Woven fabrics in medium to heavy thickness without stretch or only a small amount of natural stretch. The fabric can be made of natural fibers (e.g. wool, cotton, linen, silk, viscose etc.) or synthetic fibers (e.g. polyester, nylon etc.) or a mix. Any fabric made for coats and outerwear is ideal for this style.

Unsuitable fabric:

Thin or delicate fabrics and all knitted fabric types (jersey).

Degree of difficulty:

3 / 5

Estimated time required:

8 - 15 hours

Classification of degrees of difficulty:

  1. Beginner friendly: No zips, buttons, fusible materials or difficult techniques 
  2. Manageable: Introduction to new techniques everybody can learn 
  3. Moderate: pre-existing knowledge of sewing is recommended. Focus on finishes
  4. Difficult: Confidence with sewing is essential 
  5. Advanced: Focus on techniques, precision work and details

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