Dress, Ranunkel

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This sewing pattern is very versatile. With this sewing pattern you can make a dress/blouse/camisole in 3 different lengths, and you can finish the top half in 3 different ways: with elastic bands at the waist and puff sleeves, sleeveless or as a camisole. With Ranunkel you can make romantic cottage core dresses and blouses or you can achieve a minimalist look by going sleeveless without elastic bands at the waist.

The sewing pattern is suitable for confident beginners.


Recommended fabric: 

Tightly woven light- to medium weight fabric with no or only little amount of stretch. The fabric should have good drape. The fabric can be made of natural fibers (cotton, linen, viscose, silk etc.) or synthetic fibers (polyester, nylon etc.) or a mix. Recommended weaves include crepe, twill, plain weave etc.


Unsuitable fabric:

 Very stiff or heavy fabric and all knitted fabric types.


Degree of difficulty:

 2 / 5


Estimated time required:

 2 - 6 hours


Classification of degrees of difficulty:

  1. Beginner friendly: No zips, buttons, fusible materials or difficult techniques 
  2. Manageable: Introduction to new techniques everybody can learn 
  3. Moderate: pre-existing knowledge of sewing is recommended. Focus on finishes
  4. Difficult: Confidence with sewing is essential 
  5. Advanced: Focus on techniques, precision work and details


Video guide for dress version A: 


Video guide for sleeveless dress, version B:



Video guide for dress/top version C:


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